Pavement-marking Tips for Safety and Cost Conscious Project Managers


Pavement Marking is all about Safety, Compliance, and Efficiency


Whether your next pavement-marking project is a parking lot, private or public roadway, underground garage, or even a warehouse – your contractor should be more than a painter – they should be a knowledgeable resource and consultant to your project. There is more to it than planning a new layout or repainting over a previous one. Your project should have objectives that cover the scope of what pavement marking is all about: safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.


Pavement Marking for Safety Reasons


For a directional or conditional message to be effective it must first garner attention! You’ll know you’re interviewing an experienced, detail-oriented contractor, if they ask you about sight lines, lighting, competing messages and potential liabilities that your cautionary markings are to avoid. Without local, regional, or federal regulations to follow, choosing the right colour and type of paint will make a difference to its view-ability, comprehension and compliance given a diversity of environmental conditions, and a multitude of people and perspectives.


Pavement Marking for Compliance Reasons


Next to safety, compliance is an integral part of your line marking project for both general liability and potential regulatory penalty reasons. With each unique project, there is a potential unique mix of local, regional, and federal regulations to navigate and comply with. Your pavement marking contractor should be knowledgeable and experienced to help you with the sometimes cross-purposes of compliance, economy, and effectiveness.


One good example is that of handicap parking: regulations are written at the municipal level, with each providing its own set of rules to follow. Concurrently, a property manager must follow the Ontarians with Disabilities Act for Public access Facilities.


Pavement Marking with Cost Efficiency


A savvy contractor will already understand your need for cost savings, but also to minimize disruption to your tenants, visitors or customers. A well planned striping project accounts for the customer’s preferred application hours, as well as the environmental conditions that will affect the materials adhesive and dry time, as well as the volume required. For dimly lit areas, an economical combination of high durability paint and reflective tape lines provide that perfect mix of cost control and safety considerations.


Choose a Full Service Pavement Solution Contractor


Whether your project is a full reconstruction, asphalt crack sealing, light road repair, or just line painting, it is recommended that you choose a full service pavement contractor to consult with before deciding. They work every day with the big picture perspective that you deserve to benefit from, even if it’s just preparation for your next project.


At the very least, you’ll get free first-hand, comprehensive knowledge of your property surfaces, and their maintenance tips will likely save you thousands in the long run.


When hiring a pavement-marking professional, or any contractor for that matter, we always recommend your due diligence should include the top end of the service category; it’s always educational and informative. Interview those most knowledgeable vendors first, and use the learning to better qualify your eventual choice. Look for contractors that have confidence in their work and show it by offering industry leading warranty.


Your customers, your property, and your budget will thank you!

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